A Bit About Me...

Norfolk based Ervin Munir is a solo acoustic singer/songwriter and a member of the band Cutting the Mustard. He writes heartfelt songs about life and social injustice with an eye for the ridiculous. He performs these solo and in his band. His influences are Paul Simon, James Taylor and the Eagles.

Ervin grew up in Camden, London. Initially his father wouldn’t let him listen to any music other than classical and Disney songs. Eventually, in the 70s, he bought a Simon and Garfunkel album and that’s when his interest in performing music began. One of his early highlights was performing “The Boxer” at a folk group hosted by Peggy Seeger in the 90s.

He also started writing songs in the 70s and has only more recently started to release some of them. He released two singles (The Return and Fall Apart) and produced an album of local musicians’ original songs in 2015. More recently he co-wrote “Keep Rollin’ In” which was released in 2022 and performed by his band at ‘Lightening Studios’.

As well as song writing, he performs solo at local folk clubs and helps run the open mic “Rock the Lobster”. He is also active in the Playing for Cake organisation which provides interactive singing for health and wellbeing music experiences. You can find him performing in his band or solo all over North Norfolk.

His single – “Why Did I Keep Movin’ On”, released in 2022, is a song about the futility of love arranged over acoustic fingerstyle guitar. This is the first single preceding a new album planned for release in 2023. He intends to continue working with producer Aeron Z Jones on this.